Craig Dickson, A class World Champion Muay Thai fighter hailing from Scotland with over 100 fights under his belt, will be with us for a 3 hour seminar at Parklands Country Club on Saturday 6th October 2018. 

Craig won the MX Muay Thai Extreme Tournament (63.5kg) and has also fought against some of the biggest name fighters in thailand:

  • Seanchai – Ultimate World Champion
  • Chamuakthong – Lumpinee champion
  • Jingreedtong – World Champion
  • Kings Cup against Mongkhonpet – WMC champion
  • Mafiadam – Channel 7 Champion

Craig brings a huge amount of Muay Thai experience to bring to the table and Tulach Ard Muay Thai is pleased to be able to offer this unique opportunity for you to learn from one of the best in the game here in Glasgow, Scotland.

The 3 hour seminar with this Muay Thai World Champion will cost £35 and spaces will be reserved on a “First Come, First Served” basis.

Contact Cha Mackenzie now to book your place and avoid disappointment!


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