Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Tulach Ard Muay Thai Classes in Glasgow

Empower your child with the art of Muay Thai at Tulach Ard, where dynamic classes are tailored to children aged 6 to 13 years old. Led by the skilled Head Coach, Cha Mackenzie, our classes provide an exceptional platform for young minds to flourish. Join us at one of our esteemed venues, including the ‘Parklands Hotel & Country Club,’ ‘Maccabi Centre,’ and ‘Eastwood High School,’ to embark on a transformative journey of physical fitness and self-discovery.

Expert-Led Classes by Head Coach Cha Mackenzie

Under the expert guidance of Head Coach Cha Mackenzie, your child will explore the world of Muay Thai in a supportive and encouraging environment. Cha Mackenzie’s wealth of knowledge in martial arts and coaching ensures that each child’s journey is guided with expertise and care.

Multiple Venues for Your Convenience

We understand the importance of accessibility. That’s why our classes take place at three convenient locations:

  • Parklands Hotel & Country Club [Address: 196 Ayr Road, Newton Mearns, G77 6DT]
  • Maccabi Centre [Address: May Terrace, Glasgow G46 6LD]
  • Eastwood High School [Address: 1 Barcapel Avenue, Newton Mearns G77 6NQ)]

Choose the venue that suits your schedule and location, and embark on a fitness journey that’s tailored to your needs.

No Prior Experience Required

Our classes are designed for children with no prior knowledge of martial arts. Whether your child is new to fitness or has dabbled in different sports, our expert-led sessions cater to all levels of experience.

Essential Kit to Start:

To kickstart their journey, all your child needs is comfortable workout attire, a water bottle, and a commitment to train barefoot (with trimmed nails for safety). As your child progresses, the next level of kit, including boxing gloves, shin guards, groin guards, and mouthguards, will become important. But rest assured, these are not immediately necessary.

Open Doors to All: Get in Touch

Tulach Ard Muay Thai warmly welcomes all children aged 6 to 13 years old to embark on a path of fitness, discipline, and personal growth. If you’re seeking a transformative experience for your child, contact us for more information. Our classes offer an exciting journey into the world of Muay Thai – a journey that fosters confidence, camaraderie, and a love for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t miss out – join us today!

Event Timeslots (1)

[4-4.45pm Eastwood High School (6+)]
Eastwood High School (6+), 1 Barcapel Avenue, Newton Mearns G77 6NQ

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