Experience Muay Thai Excellence at Tulach Ard’s Classes in Newton Mearns, Glasgow

Unleash your potential with Tulach Ard Muay Thai’s dynamic classes hosted at the prestigious Parklands Hotel & Country Club in Newton Mearns, Glasgow. Our sessions are designed for individuals aged 13 and above, welcoming all skill levels to embark on a transformative journey of fitness, technique, and personal growth. Guided by the accomplished Head Coach Cha Mackenzie, these classes are your gateway to mastering the art of Muay Thai.

Expert Coaching by Head Coach Cha Mackenzie

Under the expert guidance of Head Coach Cha Mackenzie, a seasoned Muay Thai practitioner and instructor, every class becomes an opportunity for growth and skill enhancement. Cha Mackenzie’s extensive experience ensures that beginners and advanced practitioners alike receive personalized coaching and expert insights.

For All Skill Levels: From Novices to Pros

Our Muay Thai classes cater to a diverse range of participants, whether you’re stepping into the world of martial arts for the first time or you’re an experienced fighter seeking to refine your techniques. Our inclusive environment promotes camaraderie and empowers you to reach your fullest potential.

Master the Art of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a comprehensive discipline that nurtures physical fitness, mental focus, and self-confidence. Our classes cover a wide range of techniques, including striking, clinching, and defensive maneuvers, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of this dynamic martial art.

Nestled in Newton Mearns, Glasgow

Experience the thrill of Tulach Ard Muay Thai classes in the serene setting of Parklands Hotel & Country Club, conveniently located in Newton Mearns, Glasgow. The tranquil atmosphere enhances your training experience, allowing you to focus on honing your skills and techniques.

Begin Your Muay Thai Journey: Contact Us Today

Are you ready to embrace the power of Muay Thai and embark on a journey of self-improvement and empowerment? Join us at Tulach Ard Muay Thai’s classes in Newton Mearns. Contact us today to learn more and secure your spot in a transformative experience that reshapes your understanding of martial arts. Elevate your skills and confidence in the serene backdrop of Parklands Hotel & Country Club.

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Youth (13+), Adults, Mixed Muay Thai (Parklands)

Youth (13+) & Adults Mixed Muay Thai (Parklands)

Youth (13+) & Adults Mixed Muay Thai (Parklands)

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